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Black Dog Trilogy DVD
Black Dog Running
The filmmaker’s quest for meaning      28:30 mins.

One Ran over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The filmmaker’s attempt to run 100 miles in a day 
as a cure for depression     12:00 mins.

Life is Real
Michael Bernard Loggins’s original take on life itself     18:00 mins.

All 3 included on single DVD $15.00
Michael Bernard Loggins’ Books

Imaginationally: Michael’s Lovable Fun of Dictionaries 
Michael showcases his made-up words and drawings in a “terrifical” 
new offering from Manic D Press.  (Hardcover - December 1, 2007)  $15.00

Fears of Your Life
Michael chronicles over 180 of his fears both great and small in this hand written, illustrated book. Featured on NPR’s ”This American Life” and 
excerpted in Harper’s. (Hardcover - 2004)  $15.00